Painting with light

Painting with light

The virtue of black and white

photoPosted by simonaldra Wed, December 09, 2009 20:20:08

Black and white photography is great. When it fits.

Colors are nice. They have their own atmosphere, they are very popular. Like pop music, and as we know, that hasn't been any good since the early 80s..

What's the point of black and white? Well, it's nice, somehow. It's retro, it's cool, it's different, it's arty.

And those are a couple of reasons why you shouldn't use it. If your only reason for going the B/W route is because it's retro, cool, different, arty or all of the mentioned, you're doing it wrong. At least I think so.

So why should you use B/W? Well.. it all depends, don't it?

This leads us to the sheeps. I like it, it reminds me of us people, how we all are different, how we all have our different postures, our different places to stand, and so on. But here's the point. I took this in color. I take all my photos in color. You can always turn a color photo into a B/W, making a B/W into a color photo is possible, but that's something that'll take a lot of time, and quite frankly, I can't be bothered.

But my point is, this photo is rubbish in color. It's not that the colors are wrong, it's just that the sheep get lost in their surroundings. Their tonality aren't very nice in color.

In B/W, though, it works. It's not the picture of the year, far from it. But I still love it for it's raw simplicity. And here's the point. It's born for B/W.

Good shooting.

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